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Acceptable Use of Technology
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New Braunfels ISD Student Acceptable Use of Technology

You will have access to New Braunfels ISD's technology resources for instructional purposes. Through this system, you will be able to communicate with other schools, colleges, organizations, and people around the world via the Internet and other electronic information systems/networks.

Please note that the Internet is a network of many types of communication and information networks. It is possible that you may run across some material you find objectionable. While New Braunfels ISD uses filtering technology to restrict access to such material, it is not possible to absolutely prevent such access. It is your responsibility to follow the rules for appropriate use.

The final decision regarding whether any given use of the technology resources is acceptable lies with the Superintendent or designee. Violations may result in disciplinary action, including suspension/expulsion for students. When applicable, law enforcement agencies may be involved.

Any of the following uses of any NBISD owned or Personal Electronic Device is deemed unacceptable and a violation of the New Braunfels ISD Acceptable Use Guidelines for Technology:

  • Unauthorized use of copyrighted material, including violating software licensing agreements
  • Sending, posting, accessing, or displaying electronic messages that are abusive, disruptive, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, harassing, illegal, or damaging to another person's reputation
  • Use of technology resources in a manner that causes disruption to the educational environment
  • Use of technology resources to encourage illegal behavior or threaten school safety
  • Personal, political use to advocate for or against a candidate, officeholder, political party, or political position. Research or electronic communications regarding political issues or candidates shall not be a violation when the activity is to fulfill an assignment for class credit.
  • Use of any means to disable or bypass the district's Internet filtering system or other network systems
  • Attempting to destroy, disable, or gain access to district computer equipment, district data, the data of other users, or other networks connected to the district's system
  • Encrypting communications or files to avoid security review
  • Posting personal information about yourself or others
  • Forgery of electronic mail messages or transmission of unsolicited junk e-mailUse related to commercial activities or for commercial gain
  • Use that violates the student code of conduct, or is unlawful
  • Wasting school resources through the improper use of the computer system
  • Changing of technology resource settings
  • Downloading unauthorized Apps/Software
  • Gaining access to accounts, files, and/or data without permission
  • Publishing and/or sharing photos, video, recordings of others without written consent of all the parties involved. This includes, but is not limited to, e-mail, text, and YouTube and social media.
Guidelines for Personal or District Owned Devices

  • NBISD has authority and permission to regulate any electronic communication devices when these devices are brought to and/or used while on school property or school-related functions and events.
  • A New Braunfels ISD administrator is authorized to power on and off, manipulate, and do all things necessary to search a device and recover or intercept communications (including but not limiting to text messaging) when reasonable suspicion exists that such device has been used to transmit or receive communications in violation of law, the Student Code of Conduct, New Braunfels ISD policy, or New Braunfels ISD regulation.
  • Any electronic communication device used or possessed in violation of law, the Student Code of Conduct, New Braunfels ISD policy, or New Braunfels ISD regulation is subject to confiscation, and may cause the loss of the privilege to possess and use such devices on school property and at school-related events.
  • Students may use these devices during the school day at the discretion of the teacher and administration. At anytime a student can be told to discontinue use of any device by an NBISD employee. If a student fails to follow these instructions, the student can lose permission to use the device on NBISD property.
  • Data transferred using the school district?s network is filtered to follow the requirements of the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA). However, if a device uses another network, including your home, this district is unable to filter or monitor its use.
  • New Braunfels ISD is not responsible for loss or theft of any personal device.
With this opportunity comes responsibility. It is important you read this document and ask questions; if you need help in understanding it. It is your responsibility to follow the rules for appropriate use. Inappropriate use could result in the loss of the privilege of using these educational and administrative tools.
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