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NoMAD is a menu bar utility that keeps your NBISD-provided Mac in sync with your NBISD AD Account. It also adds shortcuts and other convenient features.



  • Keeps your NBISD AD Account password synchronized with your Mac.
  • When you change your NBISD AD Account password, NoMAD will help you update your Mac's keychain passwords.
  • Keeps your Mac connected to the NBISD printer network so you don't have to authenticate each print job.
  • Reminds you when your password is about to expire.
  • Adds shortcuts to your Mac's menu bar to easily access the password change utility, Technology tickets.

Why we use NoMAD

NoMAD bridges this gap by keeping your Mac connected to your NBISD AD Account, and will detect when your password is changed. This helps you avoid annoying Keychain prompts and other authentication frustrations.

Installing NoMAD

If you don't already have NoMAD installed on your Mac - Please Open a ticket.

Signing In

NoMAD automatically launches when you log in to your Mac. The first time NoMAD opens you'll be asked to sign in with your NBISD AD Account credentials.


NoMAD will securely store your NBISD AD Account credentials in your keychain.

Using NoMAD

NoMAD runs in your menu bar in the upper right corner of your Mac screen. When you're on campus and connected to an NBISD network, you'll see a triangle icon with a green check.


The NoMAD menu bar item also displays the number of days until you are required to change your password.

When you click the NoMAD menu bar icon you'll see a list of options.

  • Change Password will open the NBISD AD Account Password Change Utility.
  • Sign Out will sign you out of NBISD networks.
  • Get Help will open the Technology Ticket System.

Password Sync

NoMAD helps you keep your Mac's password in sync with your NBISD AD Account. This avoids issues with your keychain, printers, and FileVault disk encryption when you change your password.

When you change your NBISD AD Account password, NoMAD will detect the change within a few minutes and send you a notification.

Click Sign In to re-synchronize your Mac password with your new NBISD AD Account password. You'll need to enter your previous password when prompted.

NoMAD Off-Campus

If you're not on campus, NoMAD won't be able to connect with your NBISD AD Account. You won't see the green check or the number of days until your password expires.

If you change your password while off-campus, NoMAD won't detect the change until the next time you connect to an NBISD network.


Quitting NoMAD

NoMAD is essential to keeping your Mac in sync with your NBISD AD  Account. If you quit NoMAD, it will automatically re-open.

If you experience issues with NoMAD, please contact the Technology Help Desk.

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